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What's this 'Notsville.com'?

You know how some people amuse themselves by making stuff up when things are dull?

Well, we're bored.

For more years than we can count, Terry Morrow's "Smack Talk" and Kevin Saylor's "Web Watch" have been (mostly) humorous bookends in this section we refer to as Knoxville.com, though it's been called many other names over the years.

"Smack Talk" was designed as a shameless ploy to drive readers to our website -- knoxville.com! -- and "Web Watch" was created to show how hip we are by telling you about cool websites to make your life more easy and enjoyable.

Well, we'd like to think we're above cheap pandering these days, and now that our moms are Tweeting links to dlisted, we're pretty sure you don't need us to research the Internet for you anymore. What's more, Terry needs more free time to parade around the newsroom to show off all the free junk that comes to him in the mail. (Plus we're tired of him always asking us for "Smack Talk" ideas.) And Kevin's got a dark side he really needs to explore. So ixnay on "Smack Talk" and farewell to "Web Watch."

Today we present: Notsville.com, Kevin's parody project that will be a new fixture here on Page 2. He'll be regularly rearranging the truth and faking you out with any number of eccentric stories you won't find anywhere else. (And if you don't get it ... well, you probably don't get a lot of things, so nevermind.)

But don't just look here for it, or you'll miss out on the whole picture: Notsville.com is also a blog at Knoxville.com, and Kevin will populate it with more truth-rearranging news than you'll find in this humble section.

Hmm, maybe we aren't above shameless ploys to drive you online after all ...