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May 9, 2014

Exhausted parents with strollers on display at Knoxville Zoo

Ever wonder what fatigued parents look like up close? Now is your chance. The Knoxville Zoo's newest residents are receiving visitors at the free range, exhausted parents with strollers exhibit.

The park acquired several dozen wild exhausted parents with strollers from the local East Tennessee community, where they are native, according to the zoo's director of wildlife. Several males and females arrived at the zoo on mid-April, where they can now be seen stumbling along the paths of the gardens' 53-acres in a state of beleaguered near-collapse.

The exhausted parents with strollers exhibit is a walk-through habitat. Visitors can witness the mothers and fathers as they navigate the zoo with tiny vehicles intended to carry small children and the offspring's myriad of accessories.

"Here we see a tired mama of two pushing her twin toddlers from the Gorilla Valley all the way to the Clayton Family Kids Cove," said wildlife expert Brianna Huff. "Note the stroller's shade canopy and dual cup holders, and the mother's lengthy strides as she chases down one of the toddlers who has learned how to unbuckle the five-point safety harness. Simply majestic."

"And here we have a dad pushing a stroller with limited cargo space," added zoo director Carrie Maclellan. "Watch how he is forced to wear an uncomfortable backpack all day, while the other parents give him sympathetic nods."

Exhausted parents with strollers are smaller members of the offspring caretaker family, according to the zoo. They are primarily hunched over and say phrases like "just wait until your dad gets home." They are most active early in the morning and spend most of the day trying to keep toddlers entertained until please God let them take a nap.

"Exhausted parents with strollers are a wonderful new addition to the Knoxville Zoo," said Huff. "By making this a walk-through exhibit, visitors can truly see how this fascinating species behaves in its natural habitat. These parents have incredible stamina that can propel them through the hot sun with multiple tiny children for hours at a time."

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