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January 21, 2014

Winter-spring peace talks break down

Season-to-season peace talks between warring parties spring and winter stalled Monday evening, Knoxville meteorologist Todd Howell said, all but destroying hopes for a warmer rest of the week. Representatives of winter's government and rebels loyal to spring began negotiations Sunday through meteorological mediators in Knoxville. The talks were seen as a move toward ending the wearing of jackets, scarves, mittens and hats that has plagued thousands of East Tennessee residents. But hopes for a cease-fire ended during Monday's weather report, as windy conditions and late-developing snow showers were predicted throughout the region for Tuesday. "Winter has decided it will not enter into negotiations at the present time," said Howell. "Winter is not willing to negotiate under current circumstances. Talks have already stopped." Howell called the breakdown of negotiations a setback, but said he is hopeful an agreement can be reached in the next few weeks.

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