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January 28, 2014

Macklemore wins most-ridiculous haircut of the year at 2014 Grammys

Rapper and grown man with his head shaved just right there Macklemore cleaned house at Sunday's Grammy Awards ceremony, winning five awards including Best New Artist, Best Rap Album and Most-Ridiculous Haircut. Macklemore and a can of Dapper Dan pomade were on hand to receive the honor. "I want to thank my hairstylist, the person who told me that I could walk out in public with my head shaved on the sides but looking like the 1950s on top," said Macklemore in accepting the award. "This is really out of sight, daddy-o." Reaction to Macklemore's win was mixed. Some Twitter users offered their support, but others were not happy about the haircut snub. "How did Macklemore's haircut beat Miley Cyrus's haircut and Lady Gaga's haircut," tweeted one fan. "This is as pathetic as Keith Urban's haircut."

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