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January 16, 2014

Coyotes growing problem at Oak Ridge mall, residents say

Growing crowds of loitering coyotes are becoming a concern for some Oak Ridge residents. Citizens say the canines can be found hanging around the parking lot of Oak Ridge City Center, formerly known as the Oak Ridge Mall. Some citizens have drawn attention to the problem by emailing city council members. Others say they have called the police repeatedly to deal with the loitering animals. "It's getting out of hand," said Marsha Sandlin. "I see them all the time just riding around on their skateboards and smoking cigarettes. They have no respect for authority." Other residents say they feel intimidated by the animals' use of slang and profanities. "It's a good thing the mall is an empty, desolate wasteland," said former mall walker Hazel Bendure. "Nothing ruins a trip to the food court like being eaten by a carnivore."

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