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October 4, 2013

Hendersonville schools issue quarantine to prevent spread of tolerance

A Middle Tennessee school district has implemented a permanent quarantine on field trips to certain religious venues to prevent the further spread of tolerance in the Volunteer State.

The invasive idea was originally discovered in East Tennessee in 1982. Since then it has spread across the state, killing the unwillingness to respect contrary beliefs, opinions and practices in hundreds of people.

Justin Brummett, a spokesperson for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said making the quarantine permanent will help prevent the further spread of the tolerance virus in Tennessee.

"Prevention is the key to limiting the spread of tolerance," he said. "In Tennessee, we have worked for years on tolerance prevention and surveillance efforts, which have allowed us to catch the invasive idea early. We will continue our surveillance efforts. The permanent quarantine in Hendersonville will also give us another tool to prevent further infestations in Tennessee."

The quarantine was implemented after a parent complained that a suburban Nashville Honors World Studies class scheduled trips to a mosque and a Hindu temple, but not to houses of worship representing Christianity, Judaism or Buddhism.

The discovery of the field trip was the first-ever confirmed case of the tolerance virus in Sumner County.

Health officials said they will do everything in their power to prevent tolerance from taking hold in Middle Tennessee.

"Tolerance is a destructive disease with the power to destroy cruelty, mean-spiritedness, hatred and small mindedness," said World Health Organization official Beverly Titus. "It spreads quickly and the results are devastating. Before you know it we'll have people in the majority not bullying those in the minority. That will happen over my dead body."

"We can't be distracted," added Brummett. "We will increase our vigilance to protect people from this dangerous viral threat. We are also recommending that people inoculate against the spread of tolerance by visiting the comments sections of Websites to yell at strangers who disagree with you."

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