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October 20, 2013

Headless Horseman haunts newly opened Henley Bridge

When the Henley Bridge reopened to traffic early Thursday morning, few South Knoxville residents expected to be chased across the structure by the headless ghost of a Hessian soldier. But that's exactly what police say happened to Ichabod Crane shortly after the bridge reopened last week. Crane told police he had just left a harvest keg party at the Van Tassel residence when a decapitated specter began chasing him. Crane outmaneuvered the pumpkin-wielding apparition in a thicket of kudzu near the Disc Exchange, but was eventually overtaken and knocked to the ground. Crane could not determine what the headless horseman wanted due to the hellspawn's lack of a mouth. Crane fled the scene and called authorities, who have not yet located the menace. "That's what I get for taking my horse instead of a car," said Crane. "That's the last time I try to save the environment."

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