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July 2, 2013

Comedian Dave Chappelle goes door to door heckling Knoxville hecklers

One week after comedian Dave Chappelle was heckled by the audience during his performance at the Tennessee Theatre, the 39-year-old entertainer was spotted going door to door heckling those audience members. Chappelle spent the night of Monday, July 1 banging on the doors and windows of those who had heckled him the previous week, catcalling and creating a general disturbance. "Geez, what a jerk," said Jordan Bashor. "Just because I talked through his entire set, he thinks he can bang on my window while I'm eating dinner and take flash photos of me eating mashed potatoes? It's obvious this guy doesn't know how to act at dinner." Heckler Josh Acton agreed. "He kept banging on my bathroom window and asking me to do the Rick James sketch," he said. "Can't a guy poop in peace?"

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