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March 7, 2013

Massive pothole on I-640 swallows tractor-trailer

A massive pothole in the westbound lane of I-640 between Broadway and Interstate 275 swallowed up a tractor-trailer Wednesday afternoon and knocked out power to hundreds of residents. Remarkably no one was injured during the incident. According to Tennessee Department of Transportation officials, the pothole was about 2,400 feet in diameter and at least 25 feet deep. Officials said the pothole was caused by hard freezes, heavy rain and Tennessee's recent loss to Georgia. "That whole stretch of Interstate is pretty bad," said motorist Marc Robinson Andrews. "I used to say it was like one big pothole. Looks like I was right." Traffic was backed up for two hours while TDOT crews determined how long the pothole would delay the Henley Bridge reconstruction. Dispatchers said the hole should be repaired by February 2014.

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