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February 8, 2013

Frugal Cupid switches to cloth diapers to save money

With the United States economy continuing to recover, some Roman deities are cutting costs wherever they can. Some are clipping coupons or cutting back on entertainment choices like plagiarizing all the stories from Greek mythology.

Others are pinching pennies by abandoning disposable diapers and switching to reusable cloth diapers.

Cupid, the god of desire, affection and erotic love, wears diapers even though he is centuries old, and the costs were starting to pile up.

"I'm a single god and my income isn't all that great," said Cupid. "Shooting people with arrows to compel them to fall in love against their will surprisingly doesn't pay all that well. Not even on Valentine's Day."

"I began to actively look for some creative ways to cut costs," he continued. "During that process, my friend Nixi, the goddess of childbirth, had a great idea. She suggested I try cloth diapering. It seemed completely foreign to me when I first started doing some research on the Internet. But now I encourage every diaper-wearing deity who wants to cut costs to use cloth diapers."

Cupid said he's spent about $300 so far stocking up on cloth diapers for himself. And while that can be a sizeable initial investment, he was quick to point out that he's saved hundreds of dollars in the long run. He was normally spending $15-20 each week on disposable diapers.

"A lot of gods have a vague idea that cloth diapering can save your pantheon money," said Nixi. "But most of them think it's a lot of effort or that it's really messy. That's simply not true. You just wash your diapers at home and you're good to go."

Cupid said he has seen his electric bill go up about $5 a month from the extra laundry he has been doing. But that, he said, still means a huge savings.

"I'm saving a lot of money," he said. "I'm not putting diapers in the landfill. And some of these cloth diapers are super cute. One day I may even switch to pants. I bet I would save even more money doing that."

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