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February 14, 2013

Angry China unfriends North Korea on Facebook

The world's most populous country unfriended North Korea today following a nuclear test conducted by the East Asian nation Tuesday. China's minister of social networking called North Korea's actions deplorable and inhumane. "This was the last straw," China told reporters. "All the FarmVille requests were bad enough. And the constant invites to Kim Il-Sung's 80's themed birthday parties made me want to kill myself. They know that guy died almost 20 years ago, right?" North Korea said that its nuclear test was only a response to the U.S. constantly clogging up its news feed with cat-themed memes. China remains unconvinced. "I can't even celebrate the Lunar New Year without my crazy next door neighbor setting off multi-kiloton nuclear bombs 60 miles from my border," China said. "If they keep it up, I'm also going to unlike Kim Il-Sung's Shining Star of Paektu Mountain page."

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