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January 29, 2013

Woman who allows Facebook to know everything concerned about lack of privacy

A Knoxville woman who allows a social media website to know where she works, who she is friends with, where she lives, where she went on vacation last summer, where she checked in for dinner last night, and where she went to high school and college is extremely concerned about Facebook's latest privacy changes. The social media website has unveiled its new Graph Search tool, which will allow the personal information people have shared to function as a searchable database. "This is just too far," said Tamara Blakely, who has uploaded nearly 1,000 photographs of herself to the website, tagging each of them with names of friends and the locations where they were taken. "If I wanted people to know this stuff, I would tell them. Or share it in a Facebook status. Or upload it to a website owned by multinational Internet corporation."

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