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January 8, 2013

Move to post action heroes in Tennessee schools gains traction

Measures that would allow movie action heroes to be posted in state schools appears to be gaining ground among Tennessee lawmakers in the wake of a school shooting in Newtown, Conn. last month. Several lawmakers have drafted legislation that would allow school districts to place John McClane, John Rambo, or Frank Niceley in every school. Other lawmakers say permitting action heroes in classrooms is too dangerous. "John McClane has authority issues and swears too much," said incoming state Rep. Darren Jernigan, D-Nashville. "John Rambo is too old. Martin Riggs is too crazy. And State Sen. Frank Niceley isn't even really an action hero. He just thinks he is." Despite opposition from teachers groups and the governor, the idea is popular with the state legislature, which begins its 2013-14 session on today. Other measures up for consideration include a bill that would allow dragons on school grounds and legislation that would require all bad guys to be large, stationary pieces of paper with targets drawn on them.

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