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January 31, 2013

Mother Nature denies being 'drama queen'

A seemingly moody personification of nature has fired back at allegations that she is a "drama queen." Knoxville meteorologists, commenting on two weeks of snow, ice storms, 70-degree weather, flooding and tornadoes, branded Mother Nature a histrionic, overly dramatic crybaby. "Everything is always so theatrical with her," said National Weather Service forecaster Blake Fowler. "If it's not a flood watch in Knox, Blount and Anderson counties, it's Cumberland County, Fentress County and Scott County schools closed due to icy roads. Cry me a river." Mother Nature wasted no time in responding. "You are always going to have uninformed people come out and talk trash about you," said the embodiment of earth. "If someone is going to say my unseasonal weather is not genuine, they can talk to a real meteorologist like Todd Howell. I don't have time for these amateurs."

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