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January 6, 2013

Henley Bridge Closure celebrates second birthday with friends

Henley Bridge Closure, known by the nickname "bankruptcy" to South Knoxville business owners, wakes up early each day, puts on a shirt and pair of pants, and walks to a diner in downtown Knoxville. There he reads the paper, and orders a fried egg and cup of coffee. He doesn't bother to take his pills. He doesn't need medication. He's in great health for a lengthy construction project. It's not a bad life for a two-year-old bridge closure. Saturday Closure commemorated his second birthday with friends, family, Tennessee Department of Transportation officials and a large chocolate cake. Closure greeted well-wishers with hugs and downplayed his long lifespan. When asked about the secret of his longevity, Closure told reporters it was simple. "You just have to keep on living," he said. "And if they have to completely rebuild three sets of your deteriorating concrete pillars, well that helps, too."

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