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December 23, 2012

Poor spellers relieved to have Mayan apocalypse behind them

Having survived the complete annihilation of human life as we know it and the untold destruction of all that is, in a highly talked about apocalypse of epic proportions, Knoxville's Doug Horton says that he is pleased about one thing in particular: not having to spell the word "apocalypse" again. "I'm so happy I don't have to spell that stupid word anymore," said Horton, who is a self-described "horible spellur." "I've misspelled that word so many times. No matter who I was texting or emailing, it was always the same story. Is it a-p-a-c-o? Is it a-p-a-c-o? Where does the "y" go? I still don't know, to be honest with you." This is not the first time the alphabet has caused Horton problems. When he was six-years-old, he accidentally sent his Christmas list to Satan.

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