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December 2, 2012

Box of quotation marks discovered near Cormac McCarthy's childhood home

A large quantity of quotation marks. Belonging to author Cormac McCarthy. Long thought lost. Has been found. In a box. Of documents. Abandoned by the author. At the site. Of his former childhood home. In South Knox County. A rank myopia of blackened condiments. The handwritten punctuation marks. Will go on sale Monday. In New York. Where it is estimated. At a value of $100,000. A festering translucent bowel of rotting tarpsilence. This is a tremendous find said McCarthy scholar Samuel Grady. Punctuation can be helpful when reading. A snowy blaggard of cragged greaseomelet. The proceeds of the auction. Are to be donated. To a sentence fragment. In Knoxville. Tennessee. A plump lodestar of chattering glaucoma.

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