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November 25, 2012

Commission hopes for 'billboards on cars ban' compromise

Knox County Commissioners have scheduled a workshop for Nov. 29 at 4 p.m. to hammer out a compromise on a controversial ban on billboards on top of automobiles. The proposed law would forbid billboards on car rooftops in the county. Commissioners said they would delay a vote on the ban until they could negotiate some common ground on the issue. Opponents say the rooftop billboards are dangerous to drivers and create blight. Supporters say the ads help businesses and create jobs in the state. "I get posting scenic advertisements on our roadways," said local motorist Sandy Thurman. "Who wants to look at gigantic, hideous trees? But putting billboards on top of cars seems like it may be taking things too far. And that's where a lot of people's pets and grandmothers ride." Car rooftop billboards have been banned in the City of Knoxville since Cas Walker's death in 1998.

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