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November 1, 2012

Area trick-or-treater confirmed to have moustache

At least one trick-or-treater in a North Knoxville neighborhood last night was equipped with what homeowners describe as a moustache. The youth, who did not appear in costume, was described as possibly old enough to drive a car. "He wasn't dressed as anything, unless you count puberty as a costume," said annoyed candy giver Melissa Reese. "He didn't even say trick or treat. You have to at least go through the motions if you want a petite box of Dots from me." Fourth and Gill resident David Hammond also found the moustache-clad man-child to be out of line. "I'm not sure where the trick-or-treating age limit line is," he said. "But my best guess is that it can be located on a tweenager's upper lip." This is not the first time North Knoxville residents have been plagued by questionable trick-or-treaters. Last year neighbors reported visits from a pregnant cowgirl.

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