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September 27, 2012

University of Tennessee students agree 'Alcohol Enema' would be excellent band name

A new Gallup poll on Wednesday found a majority (54 percent) of University of Tennessee students believe that "Alcohol Enema" would make an excellent name for a band. The phrase entered the popular lexicon this week after an incident at a fraternity on the UT campus. "I don't know what it means, since UT is a dry campus," said junior Justin Henson. "But it has a nice ring to it. I would definitely download their new album." Faculty and students said they hope the new band will form as soon as possible. "The Greeks have always inspired great art," said UT Associate Professor of Band Names Michael Younger. "I hope that Alcohol Enema goes far. I could see them opening for Meat Shower or Breadmonger. Maybe even for M as in Mancy."

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