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May 18, 2012

Area restaurant prime example of slow food movement

The slow food movement has been pushing back against fast food culture for nearly three decades.

That's true locally as well, where one Knoxville restaurant does its part to prepare its meals as slowly as humanly possible.

"We love the slow food movement," said Andrea Mosley, the owner of a slow food eatery downtown. "But what we're really going for is more of a slow food lack of movement."

Mosley has been operating her restaurant for just over a year now. She sees herself as helping Americans to rebel against fast food by making them wait so long to be served that they begin hallucinating.

"Some restaurants will throw a meal together for you in five minutes like it's an easy thing to put meat, cheese and vegetables between a couple of pieces of bread," said Jim Kretsu, a frequent patron of Mosley's eatery. "Even if there is no one else in the restaurant waiting in line, they refuse to take their sweet time in preparing your food. That is exactly what is wrong with this country. Food should be lovingly hand-crafted. If my food takes less than 45 minutes to make, I won't eat it."

Kretsu isn't alone. Many people in Knoxville have taken to Mosley's vision for making diners wait a really long time to eat.

"I think it's my favorite restaurant," said Justin Suarez. "It's the best place in town to go to wait 40 minutes for them to make pasta salad. You just don't get that kind of service at Burger King."

Mosley says that her restaurant is committed to community, leisurely dining and the health of those who eat there.

"Americans really like to eat," she said. "Sometimes the best way to make sure they stay healthy is to not feed them. Or to make a person wait until his body has already begun to digest itself."

"The best restaurant meal is one where you can walk back to your house, make a meal yourself, eat it, wash dishes and then walk back to the restaurant before your food has reached you," said Brianne Hembree. "That is the type of experience I am looking for at an eatery."

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