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April 1, 2012

Person in bunny suit may or may not have been store employee

Witnesses aren't sure if the man or woman roaming the aisles of a Knoxville big box store in a large rabbit suit Saturday was a store employee or just a deranged fan of Easter. Shoppers say the human-sized leporid was wearing a bow tie and blue sweater vest. "He might have been one of them store greeters," said Daniel Loy. "It didn't really seem like a friendly rabbit though. The rabbit humanoids I usually meet wave at you when they're official. This one wasn't like that. It was sinister." "It's creepy when you think about it," agreed Hannah Bunce. "Just a silent, mannish white rabbit comparing detergent prices. If it had been holding a chainsaw I definitely would have run away." Shoppers said they haven't been this confused since Cadbury Creme Eggs shrank to the size of M&M's.

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