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April 5, 2012

Knoxville man loses weight chasing ice cream truck

An East Knoxville man has ironically lost three pounds chasing the neighborhood ice cream truck. Dennis Kirkpatrick, 35, has spent the better part of a week trying to get to the nomadic frozen desert transporter before it makes its way to the next block. In the process he has lost nearly an inch off his waist. "I'm a big guy," said Kirkpatrick. "It takes me a while to get some pants on and to get out the door when I hear 'Turkey in the Straw' wafting through the house. Every time I think I'm going to get close enough to get some sweet deliciousness that bastard drives off. Now I'm a man on a mission. I'm going to have a Choco Taco even if I have to get healthy doing it."

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