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August 12, 2011

Congress nominated for 24 Daytime Emmy awards

NEW YORK - The bicameral legislature of the United States earned major accolades on Thursday when the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences announced nominations for the 39th Daytime Emmy Awards ceremony.

The Senate and House of Representatives collectively were nominated for 24 awards, the most the legislative branch of the federal government has ever received.

The announcement is unprecedented. Normally the Academy announces its nominations just a few weeks before the year's award winners are made known. This year, for instance, award nominations took place on May 11. Awards were distributed on June 19 on a broadcast on CBS. The 2012 awards will not be distributed until next year.

"We decided to go ahead and nominate now," said Malachy Wienges, a National Academy of Television Arts & Science Chairman. "Nothing is going to top this year's performance by Congress. It was like 'Lost.' There were so many unanswered questions: Would the Republican Party cave to demands from the Tea Party? Would Democrats be able to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory? Would Barack Obama furrow his brow? Would there be bipartisan cooperation and unicorns and rainbows? Those were the things Americans were wondering as we stood around the water cooler."

"There were so many great moments this summer," agreed Vice Chairman of the National Academy of Television Arts & Science Chairman Barbara Williams-Perry. "Nancy Pelosi turned out to be Ronald Reagan's long lost daughter. John McCain was revealed to be a robot. We learned that John Boehner and Harry Reid are secretly lovers. Short of them revealing that the entire debt ceiling thing was a dream, I don't think that the writers could top this stuff."

Nominations include Boehner for Lead Actor in a Drama Series, Reid for Supporting Actor in a Drama Series and Pelosi for Supporting Actress in a Drama Series. Congress itself received a nomination for Outstanding Drama Series.

Congress gained the highest total with its 24 nominations, followed by "Sesame Street" with 21 and "Days of Our Lives" with 20.

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