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October 2010 Archives

October 31, 2010

Forbes ranks Caryville 3rd best place to use bathroom

CARYVILLE--Forbes magazine has ranked Caryville, Tenn. as the country's third best place to use the bathroom in its annual roadside restrooms list. "A thriving Campbell County metropolis of 2,243, Caryville offers many comforts to the weary bladder," writes the list's author in explaining the decision. "Its convenient location off Interstate 75, coupled with a cornucopia of gas stations, provides endless opportunities to relieve oneself while simultaneously replenishing supplies of corn syrup-infused candies and beef jerky. The majestic roadside views of Cove Lake and a large, hand-built green dragon only serve to enhance the urination experience." Caryville is only the second municipality in Tennessee to appear on the list since the start of its publication in 2003. Lafayette in Middle Tennessee made the list in 2007, coming in 27th out of 50 towns that year.


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